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Minneapolis Minnesota Wrought Iron Fencing

Whatever your requirements, we can fit you with the right fence for your Minneapolis Minnesota business. Get a durable, strong wrought iron fence from the pros at Fence Me In.

Wrought iron fences are an attractive, durable choice for residential or commercial property owners. Whether you need a decorative fence that looks beautiful, or a security fence that protects your property, wrought iron fencing can meet your needs.

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Wrought iron fence features popular in Minneapolis Minnesota

Wrought Iron Fencing Key Features

There are four main components that determine the strength and longevity of a wrought iron fence for Minneapolis Minnesota properties.

Premium rails, pickets, and strong wrought iron posts are constructed with a durable finish to create a beautiful, decorative fence that provides security and protection.

Not only is wrought iron a durable, long-lasting material, but when made into our fences, it creates a very classy, professional look, whether you're installing it for high security or any other reason.

Wrought iron fence features popular in Minneapolis Minnesota

Strong Wrought Iron Posts

Choose your gauge for the strength you need, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial grade. Our wrought iron posts are designed for maximum longevity and add attractive accents to your property's fence.

Wrought iron fence features popular in Minneapolis Minnesota

Premium Rails

Designed to hold every picket to the post, wrought iron rails are installed in either 2 rails, 3 rails, or 4 rails, depending on the design you need. The durable powder-coat finish provides a low-maintenance, long-lasting finish for maximum strength and protection.

Wrought iron fence features popular in Minneapolis Minnesota

Premium Pickets

Choose picket panels from 4', 5', or 6' high in the style you prefer. The style you choose can have a modern look with a flat top or be designed with spear tops for a little more flourish and security. All of our wrought iron fences are built to be rackable (follow the terrain) and come with a long-term warranty for your peace of mind.

Wrought iron fence features popular in Minneapolis Minnesota

Wrought Iron Finish

Thanks to the durable, high-quality finish of Fence Me In's wrought iron fencing, this option provides the classic look of a wrought iron fence without the expensive maintenance. The surface protection provided by the specialized coating used on our fences will ensure that they won't rust or deteriorate. Major corrosion problems start from the inside, so our wrought iron fences are coated inside and out to last a lifetime.

Wrought Iron Fencing Benefits

The benefits that come with wrought iron fencing are unique and desired among many Minneapolis Minnesota property owners.

example of a wrought iron fence in Minneapolis Minnesota

Wrought Iron Fences Are Elegant

The elegant look of wrought iron fences is second to none! Usually coming in black powder-coated finishes, wrought iron creates an appearance of strength just by its design. The long-lasting coating is rust-resistant and will last for decades, keeping its timeless appearance.

Wrought Iron Fences Are Strong

Wrought iron fences are an extremely durable material that is perfect for areas with extreme weather conditions or yards that see a lot of action from pets or children. No matter what may come, wrought iron fences are up to the task!

Wrought Iron Fences Are Maintenance Free

The powder-coated finish of wrought iron fences helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other deterioration. Your metal fence won't peel or flake, and does not need to be power washed or recoated during its lifetime.

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Wrought iron fencing is a great option for properties of all shapes and sizes in the Minneapolis area. It is a very strong material that creates a high level of security with an unmatched elegant design. If your priorities are design and strength, wrought iron is a perfect solution for any home or business.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the more costly types of fencing in the Minneapolis area due to the weight and strength of the metal and the craftsmanship it takes to build. When you are in the market for a new fence, speak to our fence professionals who can help you get a quote for whichever types of fencing you're looking for and help you find the perfect fit for your goals and your budget.

As far as earth-friendly fences go, wrought iron fences are a great choice. The metal is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and recyclable if you need to in the future. All of these factors contribute to it being a very eco-friendly type of fence to install at your Minneapolis area property.

You can expect a wrought iron fence in the Minneapolis Minnesota area to last a lifetime! It is not surprising that wrought iron can last a lifetime given the sturdy, resilient metal it is made from. The durability of your wrought iron fence is affected by a number of variables, including the climate, maintenance, and protective coating, but despite these, you can be confident that your fence will last for a very long time.

Wrought iron fencing needs very little maintenance over its lifetime at your Minneapolis property. Being proactive is the best way to make sure your fence will last without any issues. Keeping your wrought iron free of dents will help prevent rust, so avoid using lawn trimmers too close to your fence or planting bushes too close to your fence, which can hide problems if they arise. Other than a rinse every now and then, your wrought iron fence should need no cleaning or repairs, and you'll also receive a manufacturer's warranty that should cover major problems for your peace of mind.

Customers are required to be home on the day of installation. The foreman and customer will do a pre walk through and post walk through to make sure all the installation details are reviewed and clearly understood and that our customers are fully satisfied with their new fence.

Wrought Iron Fence FAQs

Get the answers to our most popular wrought iron fence questions from our customers in the Minneapolis Minnesota area!

Wrought Iron fence FAQs in the Minneapolis Minnesota area

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