There are a few things to consider when installing a new fence at your Minneapolis, MN home or business. Style, price, and functionality are all important considerations if you want your fence to look amazing! If you’re looking for a fence that covers all of these, then a wrought iron fence may just be the fence for you! In this article, Minneapolis fence company Fence Me In will explain both the pros and the cons of this versatile and classic style fence.

Wrought Iron vs Ornamental Iron: What Are the Differences?

Metal fences are described in a variety of ways. There are many different options, and it can become confusing because most ornamental metal fences look similar but are made of completely different materials. In this article, we will be looking at one of the most popular and long-lasting fences, the Minneapolis wrought iron fence. Minneapolis fence company Fence Me In calls their ornamental iron fencing “wrought iron,” as most people recognize that style of decorative fence. It has the benefit of looking like wrought iron, but in fact, is much easier to maintain and much more cost-effective than the custom welded version of wrought iron. 


Our “wrought iron” fencing is constructed of an alloy of carbon and iron, which makes it lighter weight, rust resistant, and easier to mass produce. Whereas the old-school wrought iron fence, albeit sturdy and enduring, is very heavy, prone to rust, and not conducive to mass production. 

Minneapolis Wrought Iron Fence Pros and Cons

Properties in Minneapolis look great when wrought iron fencing is installed in residential or commercial areas. When it comes to wrought iron fences, there are definitely more “pros” than there are “cons.” Let’s take a look at why Minneapolis wrought iron fencing might be the perfect solution for your home or business property. 

Wrought Iron Fences are Durable

A wrought iron fence has a great level of durability, which means that it will last for many years! Our decorative wrought iron fences will stand up to the harsh Minnesota weather with very little maintenance. A Minneapolis wrought iron fence will outlast many other forms of fencing if they are properly taken care of.

Wrought Iron Fences are Classic and Elegant

A Minneapolis wrought iron fence has a classic, elegant look that complements most homes and businesses. There are a variety of styles available, making wrought iron a versatile option that can be tailored to fit your own personal style.

Wrought Iron Fences are Maintenance Free

Wrought iron fences are a popular choice not only because of their timeless look but also because of their low maintenance requirements. Keeping your fence looking good is as simple as occasionally rinsing it down with a hose, checking for damage once a year, and making sure your fence’s hardware stays in good working order.

Wrought Iron Fences Provide Security

If safety and security are a priority for you, a wrought iron fence can provide just that. Not only does a wrought iron fence keep you and your family safe, but you will also get a fence that will elevate the look of your home as well. Depending on the level of security you desire, the grade and size of your fence can be changed to fit what you need. There are also options for fence toppers that can boost your security by making it more difficult for intruders to scale your fence.

Wrought Iron Fences Have an Open Design

There aren’t many negatives when it comes to wrought iron fences; however, if privacy is a priority, then this type of fence is probably not the best choice. Wrought iron fencing provides an open design that allows you to see what’s going on outside of your property. You can achieve a little privacy by the addition of creative landscaping along your fence line. 

Wrought Iron Fences Can Tend to Scratch

There aren‘t many cons when it comes to wrought iron fencing; however, it can tend to scratch if hit by larger branches or shrubs. By making sure your landscaping is trimmed away from your fence, you will avoid unnecessary damage. If you do discover any damage to the protective coating of your fence, it will need to be touched up in order to keep the protective covering intact.

Customize Your Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing may be customized in a variety of ways. There are many designs available to suit your own personal preference and style. Wrought iron fencing is also easily installed over uneven ground, which makes it a great choice if you have a property that is a little hilly or not flat. As a whole, a wrought iron fence is a fantastic option for property owners all around Minneapolis and the surrounding area. 

Learn More About Minneapolis Wrought Iron Fences 

If you have questions or need more information about the wrought iron fencing, you can purchase from Fence Me In, visit the wrought iron page on our website, and then check out our photo gallery for more of the fence projects we’ve completed in the Minneapolis, MN area. 

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