Achieving effective and long-lasting protection for your residential wood fence requires expertise and quality protective products. Proper care for your Minneapolis wood fence begins at installation and needs long-term dedication to maintain its pristine appearance. Let’s delve into five reasons why prioritizing staining and sealing with Fence Me In, the leading fence company in the Minneapolis area, is essential.

Protect Your Fence Investment In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Investing in a wood fence for your property not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides vital security and privacy. To ensure that your wood fence stands the test of time and continues to look its best, it is essential to consider staining and sealing as part of your maintenance routine.

Fence Me In offers a professional staining and sealing service that is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your wood fence while providing essential protection against the elements. Whether you have a brand new wood fence in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or an older fence in need of restoration, we can provide expert staining and sealing services to protect your investment! Here are some of the benefits of protecting your wood fence:

Protection From the Sun

Over time, natural materials such as wood are prone to sun damage, leading to deterioration, a grayish appearance, and increased vulnerability to various forms of harm. However, consistently staining and sealing your fence can prevent expensive problems that might ruin your investment while protecting its beauty.

Preventing Rot

When water saturates your wood fence, rot will quickly set in. The oil-based products we use help to repel water and protect your fence from rot and decay. Whether you are installing a brand-new Minneapolis wood fence or restoring an existing one, Fence Me In’s professional staining and sealing service will ensure the longevity of your fence.

Structural Integrity

Using a high-quality stain and seal product is crucial to minimize the common issues of twisting and warping you will often find in unprotected wood fences. Our stain and seal service not only shields your Minneapolis wood fence but also preserves its natural beauty, ensuring it remains in top condition for years to come.

Penetrating Protection with Oil-Based Stains

Fence Me In only uses Wood Defender brand oil-based staining and sealing products. With Wood Defender Stain, the oil-based formula goes deeper than the surface, penetrating the wood to seal and protect it from water, mildew, and sun damage. 


Our stain not only protects your fence, it enhances the beauty of your wood fence, too! The conditioning oils of our products penetrate down to the very center of the wood boards, protecting them to their core. Our oil-based stains won’t just sit on top of the wood or evaporate like water-based products.

Numerous Color Options With a Quality Finish

Beyond protection, staining your fence also offers the opportunity to customize its appearance. With a wide range of stain colors to choose from, you can enhance the natural grain of the wood and complement the overall aesthetic of your property. We offer a variety of stain finishes in semi-solid colors and semi-transparent and transparent hues in a wide variety of colors like walnut, chestnut, gray, and more, to suit your specific needs and design style. 

Safe Products For Your Family and the Environment 

A stained wood fence is much easier to maintain, as it eliminates the need for constant staining and sealing. This provides a safer option for both your family and the environment. We guarantee to protect your investment for years to come while creating safe and beautiful outdoor spaces for you and your family.

Cost-Effective Product That Lasts

As a top Minneapolis fencing contractor, we use only the highest quality products. Our products ensure not only a manufacturer’s warranty on all products but also a 2-year workmanship guarantee. In addition, by using quality stains and sealants, the need for restaining extends out for a number of years, making this option a budget-friendly one. You can rest assured that if you make the investment into one of our wood fences, we will make sure that you’re taken care of from the beginning and through the life of your wood fence. 

Painting vs. Staining For Your Residential Minneapolis Wood Fence

For most outdoor wood projects, staining is a better option than painting. While stain will eventually fade and must be reapplied after several years, it doesn’t peel or crack as paint does. If you decide to paint your fence, depending on the quality, you can expect it to start cracking and peeling after just a few years. When the time comes to repaint your fence, you then have to scrape off the existing color, prep the surface, and then apply the new paint. This takes a lot more time and, in the long run, a lot more money.

Ready to Work With the Trusted Minneapolis Fencing Contractor For Your New Project? 

The experts at Fence Me In are ready to help answer all of your questions about staining your fence project. Whether your fence is new or needs to be refurbished, we will help you choose the perfect stain color to coordinate with other features of your home. You can contact us online or call us at (651) 493-3108. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!