Are nosy neighbors a concern? Do you need to keep the kids and the dog contained? As you search for the ideal fence, you may have encountered the terms Minneapolis “privacy fences” and “semi-privacy fences.” But what exactly do these terms entail, and how can you determine which type of fence suits your requirements best? As a trusted Minneapolis fencing contractor, Fence Me In is dedicated to helping you choose the right fence for your specific needs. Let’s delve into the details and compare these two styles!

Benefits of a Minneapolis Privacy Fence

In its simplest form, a full privacy fence offers complete obstruction of your property from an external view, ensuring that you cannot see beyond its boundaries. These fences consist of pickets tightly aligned without any gaps. Apart from blocking the view, full-privacy fences offer numerous other advantages. Let’s explore some additional qualities of a full-privacy vinyl fence:

A Minnesota Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Thanks to their solid construction, full-privacy fences effectively dampen unpleasant sounds from outside your yard, such as traffic or loud music. While they may not entirely eliminate such noises, having a barrier between you and disruptive sounds can provide a quieter, more tranquil atmosphere in your yard and home, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Full-Privacy Fences Are Easy to Clean

Full-privacy fences are built either by positioning wooden pickets flush against each other, eliminating any gaps, or by installing solid vinyl sheets between posts. In both cases, there are no spaces between the pickets, resulting in less surface area to clean and fewer difficult-to-reach spots, such as the gaps between pickets.

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

As the name suggests, semi-privacy fences provide considerable privacy without reaching the level of complete privacy offered by full-privacy fences. These fences may feature some spacing between the pickets and typically provide more privacy than decorative fences. Similar to full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences come with their own advantages. Here are some characteristics of semi-privacy fencing:

Allows Sunshine and Cool Breeze to Pass Through

If you’re considering installing a fence that offers a balance between privacy and airflow, a semi-privacy fence could be ideal for your needs. The narrow gaps between pickets in this type of fence allow for some sunlight and a refreshing breeze to flow through, enhancing the ambiance of your yard or outdoor area. Especially on humid summer days, that gentle breeze can truly make a difference!

Semi-Privacy Fencing Keeps You Connected to Your Surroundings

While full-privacy fences excel at enclosing a space, they may leave property owners feeling isolated or overly confined. In contrast, the gaps between pickets in a semi-privacy fence offer just the right amount of visibility, allowing glimpses of trees or other outdoor features beyond the fence line. This balance ensures the desired level of privacy without entirely disconnecting you from the outside world.


Semi-privacy fences are a middle ground between a Minneapolis privacy fence and a decorative fence. We offer a variety of styles of semi-privacy fences, including chain link fences with PVC privacy slats. Privacy slats are long pieces of durable PVC that are woven into the chain link mesh to create a semi-private barrier and are available in a variety of colors. 

Minnesota Privacy Fence Versus Semi-Privacy Fence: Which One is Right For You?

Whether you choose a fully private fence or one with a touch more openness, both full-privacy and semi-privacy fences provide attractiveness and durability, defining the perimeter of your Minneapolis, Minnesota property for added peace of mind. They offer advantages such as containing kids and pets safely within your yard, enhancing security, and elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Customize Your Minnesota Privacy Fence

As a top-rated Minneapolis fencing contractor, we offer many types of full and semi-privacy fences that allow you to show off your style. We offer several colors of vinyl fences, including white, tan, ash gray, and more, which can be seen on our vinyl page


Fence Me In also has a wide range of wood fence full-privacy styles. With unlimited customization options like horizontal or vertical orientation and decorative top cuts, you can enhance the look of your property while providing the privacy and security you desire.


Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about fence installation. Give us a call, and we can help you compare the prices of different semi-privacy and full-privacy fences to find the perfect fence for your Minneapolis property!

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