Before you start building your new fence, it’s important to think about how it could affect your neighbors. Good fence etiquette is crucial to ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved. In this article, we will discuss some etiquette guidelines that you should consider before starting your project. With various fence options offered by Fence Me In, a trusted Minneapolis fence company, you’re sure to find a style to suit your needs. So keep reading for some valuable tips on how to maintain proper fence etiquette. 

#1 The Importance of Communication

The biggest tip in practicing proper fence etiquette is maintaining open lines of communication with your neighbors. As a member of a neighborhood community, it is important to consider the potential impacts that alterations to your property might have on your neighbors. While there is no obligation to inform them, you can provide a simple courtesy by discussing your plans with the neighbors who will be affected. This can prevent surprises or potential disputes in the future. 

#2 Upholding Property Boundaries

Another key to proper fence etiquette is to ensure that your new fence is built within the limits of your property. Even if you are confident about the boundaries of your yard, it is best to reconfirm the property line to stay clear of any troubles. If you are still in the process of identifying your property lines, reaching out to your local county recorder or assessor’s office is recommended. Most counties provide online maps that can assist you in pinpointing your property borders. Another consideration is hiring a qualified land surveyor to mark your property boundary before proceeding with your new Minneapolis residential fence installation.

#3 Know the Local Zoning Laws and Regulations

The next tip regarding fence etiquette is to familiarize yourself with neighborhood rules and local zoning laws. If you are a member of a homeowner’s association (HOA), you can guarantee that they have specific fence regulations, so it is crucial to review the details carefully. Guidelines on fence height, materials, and even color may have been established before you even moved in. 


For those not residing in an HOA, it’s important to recognize that certain local zoning laws may impact the construction of your new fence. This is especially relevant if your home is on a corner lot, as a tall fence in the front yard might obstruct the view of approaching traffic at the intersection. While your fence contractor may be knowledgeable about local legislation, ensuring compliance with every municipal ordinance or HOA rule is not inherently their responsibility.

#4 Fence Upkeep

Another important part of fence etiquette is the proper maintenance of your Minneapolis residential fence. Like any other part of your home, a fence needs regular upkeep to stay attractive and safe. The maintenance requirements for your fence can vary based on the materials. For instance, materials like wood require more frequent cleaning and re-sealing. In contrast, a fence constructed from vinyl or wrought iron typically requires considerably less maintenance. It’s crucial to remember that cleaning and maintaining both sides of the fence are your responsibilities. If your fence shows signs of aging or begins to lean, the responsibility is yours to arrange repairs or replacements.

#5 Consider Fencing That is Attractive on Both Sides

The final piece of advice on fence etiquette involves the positioning or placement of your fence. Depending on the type of fence you would like to build, one side may present a more attractive appearance. It is common practice to face the finished side, often called the “good” side, toward the street and your neighbor’s yard. However, you might consider installing a neighbor-friendly fence with an identical appearance on both sides. Vinyl fencing is one of our neighbor-friendly options. Let the experts at Fence Me In showcase the many fences that will look great from both sides. 

Neighbor-Friendly, Minneapolis Residential Fence Options

When deciding which fence type will work best for you and your family, you will have many variables to consider. As a trusted Minneapolis fence company, Fence Me In is proud to offer a wide variety of residential fence options. From wood fencing to chain link, wrought iron, and vinyl, we provide a fence for every budget and need. 

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